Specialist in lifting activities

We are long-time specialists in lifting work. There is no place in the Netherlands or abroad where we cannot work effectively with our extensive fleet of cranes. We can be called upon to erect systems, structures and machines, and to load and unload machines and machine parts. We perform this lifting work internally and externally using hydraulic or mechanical lift systems and a range of mobile cranes. With our compact or mini cranes, we are also your partner for lifting work in small spaces. Of course our experienced and highly qualified employees work with first-rate equipment, which has all the required certificates.

We will not shirk any lifting job and have all the equipment required. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The benefits for you

  • Machine construction using hydraulic lift systems
  • Relocation or lifting of machines in factory halls
  • Lifting of extremely large tanks or machines
  • Installation of tower masts
  • Minor lifting work

Qualified Crane engeneers
All our operators have a TCVT certificate, better known as the crane licence, an HGV driving licence and a forklift certificate. TCVT (Vertical Transport Certification Supervisory Body) is the centre for the certification of operators, which is required by law. TCVT ensures that certification is carried out correctly, thereby increasing safety in the vertical transport sector. TCVT sets standards for the professional competence (personal certification) of operators.Our drivers all have the right papers, for trucks as well as for our auxiliary equipment. In addition, all inspections take place properly and on time.

Workplace safety is an issue that is becoming increasingly important, so all members of the team also have the Basic Safety certificate from the VCA. Our managers also have the Safety for Operational Supervisors certificate.

Once yearly a TCVT-approved inspection body inspects our cranes according to the relevant TCVT schedule.

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