Projectmanagement for your industrial movements

Founded in 1934, Albert van de Scheur is your flexible project partner for industrial relocation. We carry out assignments on a project basis in line with what has been discussed in detail with the client beforehand. We are an all-round project partner that will make things completely hassle-free for you from start to finish.

Flexibly deployable in the event of a fault message or accident

The enclosed information provides insight into the actual individual activities that together make up our total project approach for your industrial relocation. From internal moves, hoisting and logistics to warehousing and transport. This enables you to enlist our services on a project basis, as well as on the basis of rapid deployment in the case of a fault message or accident.

Worry-free, project-based

For us, industrial relocation means the disassembly, relocation and assembly of your machine and getting it back into production. We carry out the logistical movements this requires on time, consistently and fully qualified. We offer specialised logistical services in this respect, such as internal relocations, lifting work, logistics, warehousing and transport, all under one roof.

From plan to project

We put a multidisciplinary team together for your industrial relocation. The team is a combination of specialists from our organisation and employees from your organisation. This forms the context for us to carry out all phases of your industrial relocation in the agreed project order. From the initial analysis and planning process through to scheduling, budgeting and the actual execution, completion and evaluation. Provided with all necessary documentation and reports so that everything has also been documented legally. All the attention at an industrial relocation is focused on minimum downtime for your business or production process, but we also take care of all the required safety standards in accordance with VCA** (Safety Checklist for Contractors).

Management reporting

Our project approach provides you with insight at every moment into the status of the project as well as the required safety procedures, quality certifications and management reporting. If differences occur, in time, money and the technical method, we can make adjustments quickly. This provides clients of industrial relocations with the required management information. Input they can use to give effective and attentive information to their own MT or board. This makes us a project partner rather than only a supplier.

The benefits for you

  • 100% control through professional project approach.
  • Guarantee of all required safety standards.
  • Perfect connection of all phases in your industrial relocation. Minimum downtime for your production process.
  • Insight into all required project and management information, always and everywhere.