Logistic partnership

More and more customers are choosing us as partner in logistics. Albert van de Scheur can offer you flexible assistance with specialized logistics, especially for machines, plants or spare parts, for example. We can get to work quickly on project-based industrial relocations, unforeseen incidents in your production environment or if you have other special logistics requirements. We give you a brief outline of the possibilities.

Internal relocations, transport, handling, hoisting, warehousing, customs matters, installation and logistics administration: we can take it all off your hands. We can do this for each activity, but also as a whole. This allows you to concentrate on your core business. All our areas of expertise are listed below.

Internal relocations

Our specialised team relocates your machine lines and builds housings for your production machines. We also take care of the electronic or mechanical assembly and disassembly of machines and plants. Likewise, we can refurbish production locations, including the constructional activities, if required. And of course we pay attention to all the safety and quality requirements that apply specifically to your business environment.

Lifting work

We are long-time specialists in lifting work. We are available for the construction of plants, structures and machines, as well as for loading and unloading machine parts. We perform this lifting work internally and externally using hydraulic or mechanical lift systems and a wide range of mobile cranes. With our compact or mini cranes, we are also your partner for lifting work in small spaces.

Mechanical and hydraulic lift systems

Does your job require the use of transport frames or hoisting sheers? We can supply tailored solutions for this immediately. Preserving your goods during relocations is our highest priority. We can put transport frames and hoisting sheers to use quickly at our own location and elsewhere.


Logistics for Albert van de Scheur means taking care of the import and export of industrial goods and machine lines. It also covers preparing disassembled machines for export, including the appropriate transport packaging and handling of the customs import and export formalities.


Albert van de Scheur offers a range of services when it comes to warehousing. Consider in particular the specialised storage of industrial goods, machines, machine parts and spare parts. We are also partners where storage under customs supervision is concerned specifically, the so-called bonded warehouse, and we can take care of stock management. Our heavy overhead travelling cranes enable us to handle machine parts ourselves at all times.

Work locations at your disposal

We also recommend our work locations which are available to you for performing your prefabrication or assembly work or for mounting housing on machines. This can relieve the capacity of your own production spaces. Of course your employees are welcome for the entire duration of your project, supported by our employees if so desired.


Our specialised logistics naturally also includes the problem-free transport of a wide variety of industrial objects, provided with proper protective transport packaging. This also means organising and carrying out special transports and performing complete commercial removals from beginning to end. We do this locally, in the region, throughout the Netherlands and even worldwide.

Employees available 24/7

You are assured of the flexible availability of qualified and specialised employees. They can be employed individually as well as in teams. Specialist equipment is likewise on call and quickly available. Has your production suffered a breakdown or incident? We guarantee immediate deployment in the event of a breakdown alarm or emergency, including 24/7 supervision of work by the breakdown coordinator.

An outline of the benefits for you

  • Logistics services are available immediately and flexibly, also for incidents.
  • Individually or in any desired composition.
  • Guarantee of all required safety standards.
  • Minimum downtime for your production process.