Industrial relocation

We have been specialised in relocating industrial machines for 85 years now. Thanks to our extensive range of equipment and our specialists, we are always able to relocate your machines, internally or externally, even in the smallest of spaces. Our own engineers can also assist you in the assembly and disassembly of your production line.

Machine relocations often form part of a factory removal. If you are looking for a complete project partner, we are happy to offer our services. You can read about all of our possibilities here. Factory removals are not usual business for you, but for us they are our daily life.

Your machines are important for you. The faster and more effectively you can get your production hall running again, the better.

We always think along with you and can move your machines, including assembly and disassembly, with a minimum impact on your business operations.

Do you need to store your machines temporarily? No problem. Take a look at our facilities for storage.