For all your Industrial movements

All machines, production lines or even your whole factory can be moved and relocated by our team, regardless whether the new location is internal or at other (foreign) premises. Our decades of experience in the manufacturing industry enable us to facilitate your industrial relocation in an efficient, safe and responsible manner. Regardless of the type, size or weight of your machinery park. To us, industrial relocations are our passion and daily routine.

Industrial relocations occur in numerous industries and after 84 years of building expertise we have experience in almost all of them. Examples are machine and production line relocations and the placing of siloes. Some examples of industries in which we regularly manage industrial relocations are:

  • Paper, packaging and printing industry
  • Nutrition, dairy and animal nutrition industry
  • Installation services industry
  • Metal industry
  • Chemical industry


Worldwide services

We are used to manage industrial relocations throughout Europe and also provide intercontinental service when requested. Our dedicated team of professionals is specialized and experienced. For an overview of references and videos we refer to the Projects page of our website.

Industrial relocation is the broad definition of various services we provide such as machine and corporate relocations. Industrial relocations are a specialism on its own. We take care of your relocation from beginning to end including project management, dismantling of your production lines, removal of machine elements from your facilities, transportation to the new location, and the reconstruction of the production lines at the new premises.

Are you or is your firm planning a relocation? This is a complex project so make sure you create a milestone planning and contract the right partner on time. We are keen to offer you our expertise and help you organize.

Through our broad expertise, high-end materials and decades of experience, we have helped many companies to organize their industrial relocation in a safe and efficient way. Please contact us if you would like to know how we can be of service to you!