Our history

The history of Albert van de Scheur B.V. starts in 1909, with the birth of Albert van de Scheur. When he was eleven years old, Albert already started working as a transporter: with a horse and cart. Van de Scheur is a genuine transport family. The history of the other Van de Scheur transport companies is intertwined with our company.

In 1928 our first Ford Model T was bought for 150 guilders.

In 1934 the current Albert van de Scheur company was founded. Albert initially worked together with his brother Henk, but in 1937 they decided to go their separate ways and Henk established his own transport company.

During the war, all the vehicles were commandeered by the Germans. In those years we did all our transporting by cargo bicycle. After the war, branches were opened in other towns and the current Van de Scheur logistics in Vianen stems from the branch in Amsterdam, opened in 1950 and taken over by son Gijs.

In 1975 son Evert took over the Albert van de Scheur company, and his sons joined the company in 1990. Johan van de Scheur has been director since 1997, while his brothers each went their own way. Our company has now been providing services for more than 85 years. Over the past 20 years, we have worked on developing the company into a total partner in transport and specialising in industrial relocations.

We are happy to be of service to you from our office at Tweelingenlaan in Apeldoorn.